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Roots Revival Workshop

One of the biggest impacts oppression has on the lives women of color is the imposing threat to our safety. We carry with us the traumas of our upbringing. As well as the inherited trauma of our ancestors stored in our bodies. We persistently receive societal messages that threaten our sense of safety mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We have directly experienced or are constantly exposed to images of physical assault on our bodies. In turn we have learned to allow abuse and neglect into our lives in various forms. We show up with armors up, constantly in resistance and with a deep rooted sense of worry and anxiety.

Fear and anxiety is causes paralysis and is a  cause of arrested growth in all aspects of our lives. This knowledge is used to purposely bombard us with experiences and messages that cause us to worry about the safety of our own being, of our families and within our communities.

The first step in personal development is establishing safety.  In social work it is the bottom tier of Maslow's’ hierarchy of needs, in spiritual spaces the root chakra ( an energy center in the body) is located at the base of the spine symbolizing this chakra’s foundational nature. When our sense of security is threatened our root chakra is compromised.

A compromised root chakra negatively impacts our ability to advocate for ourselves, limits our ability to take healthy risks towards our dreams, limits our ability to form intimate and genuine relationships and disconnects us from our personal truth and origin.

The purpose of this workshop is to heal our root chakra by creating a sacred space within our own being and our personal environment. We’ll experience practical methods to reclaim our sense of safety starting with creating a sanctuary within our bodies, our inner circle and our homes to set up a strong foundation for our personal development.


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Learn to:

*Identify and practice exercises to short circuit the overwhelming thoughts and feelings

* Effective communication to address your needs/ thoughts and feelings

*Cultivate curiosity and compassion using self care so you can counteract your inner critic

*Pinpoint and use the resources and tools you currently have to take steps towards meeting your needs and goals

*Create rituals that help you consistently tune-in and regulate your mental well being so you can thrive in the present moment

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Anchoring as a practice for overcoming stress and anxiety

On Anchoring

In the same way that excessive quantities of gasses such as carbon dioxide contributes to air pollution, I believe that emotions such as fear, stress and anxiety are toxins that negatively impacts the health of our planet. In spiritual spaces we often fall into the trap of trying to escape this density making us more attracted to learning about opening our third eye or astral projection. But we’re needed here to re-align with nature so we can help our planet heal. One of the causes of escapism in spiritual spaces, is that we don’t give enough significance to learning tools to effectively manage the stress and anxiety that arise as a part of the journey and that we may have been dealing with prior to the journey.

The spiritual journey requires constant change which means we’re routinely shedding and reconstructing. Our belief systems are always in question as we’re challenged to unlearn a lot of the things we took on before we learned to question. This is why Anchoring as a practice is one of the foundations of the spiritual
journey. Learning to anchor helps you tap into your center when faced with social chaos or major personal shifts and uncertainty.

On Anxiety

Anxiety develops when we reach our mental capacity to analyze and deal with a new or recurring situation. The mental overwhelm causes an emotional and physiological response which is what we recognize as stress. We’re given tools to avoid and suppress the mental, physiological and emotional signals that we receive instead of learning to understand the root cause of our anxiety so we can overcome it. Bottling up the anxiety, instead of giving it the voice and attention it needs, creates an environment in our mind that magnifies the triggers even further, which increases the feeling of helplessness in being able to adequately address the anxiety. Living within this pattern makes it difficult to live in the present moment and to achieve peace of mind.

In this workshop you will learn two steps you can take that will help you prevent mounting stress and anxiety.

The first step is to recognize the domain of your mind, heart and spirit so you can designate your needs, challenges and experiences accordingly. And second develop effective habits to realign your
mind with your needs, true desires and your actions.