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About Marie

Spirituality is a lifestyle that cultivates an awareness of and alignment with the forces that sustain life on our planet and beyond. Surrendering to our innate curiosity to understand our purpose for being is the initiation into a spiritual journey. I believe that transformative change is dependent on the individual’s spiritual growth.

My own spiritual journey has allowed me to tap into an inner source of power, peace and freedom that positively influences every aspect of my life. I feel an immense appreciation for the opportunity to truly know myself, to move in alignment with my truths, and to be of service to others.

I am excited to help those on their spiritual paths shift through the challenges of the initiating stages of the spiritual journey so they can liberate their minds, heal their bodies and activate their hearts.


I am driven foremost by my love for humanity and by my ancestors and our history. Much of my work is inspired by my Haitian identity which motivates me to seek personal autonomy and to strive for the empowerment of my people. My mission is to make healing, plant based lifestyle and spirituality more accessible and mainstream in Afro descendent communities. I’ve observed a unique strength and spirituality of afro descendant peoples which sparks my curiosity about who were prior to colonization; in hopes of tapping into our knowledge base, our lifestyle and our values which are recognizable in our cultures today. What created the environment that led to our fall? How can we change the way we learn and history to benefit most from our ancestors work? How can we tap into and draw out the collective vision for the quality of the Afro centric society that we have been fighting to regain? What parts of our identity, values and worldview have been buried in the process of assimilating into the western empire? How will we unearth them in order to align with nature so we can achieve full liberation? What common perspectives and understanding will help us close the gap of our divide so we can achieve collective healing and restoration? What does it take to create an environment where each individual understands and embodies their purposeful role in activism? Why does the fall of African society seem to parallel the fall of humanity in general and how would this insight change the trends in activism? These are the questions that guide my search for insight and tools to power my work.


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