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The Mission

To create spaces in the Afro community for; a. Purging oppression and restoring our power

b. building healing, educational and gathering spaces based on our own value systems c. sharing joy, peace and freedom with each other in order to create a culture that is cleansed of oppression and therefore rooted in our power.

The Vision

Gathering spaces created for individuals, families and communities to a. learn tools to effectively heal and transcend the ills that plague the collective through a clearly communicated baseline consensus of 1. the nature of our oppression in the context of this current era 2. our collective values and source of power and 3. practical steps outlined for the afro individual, family and community to take an intentional and active part in our collective empowerment



About Marie

Spirituality is a lifestyle that cultivates an awareness of and alignment with Self and the forces that sustain life on our planet and beyond. Surrendering to our innate curiosity to understand our purpose for being is the initiation into a spiritual journey. I believe that transformative change is dependent on the individual’s spiritual growth.

My own spiritual journey has allowed me to tap into an inner source of power, peace and freedom that positively influences every aspect of my life. I feel an immense appreciation for the opportunity to truly know myself, to move in alignment with my truths, and to be of service to others.

I am honored to help those on their spiritual paths shift through the challenges of the initiating stages of their spiritual journey so they can liberate their minds, heal their bodies and activate their hearts.


Email: info@marieantoine.net

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